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This song is by Wolvespirit and appears on the album Dreamcatcher (2013).

I'm walking in the dark of the night
Until I reach the crossroad
I see your black dog staring at me
With the evil in his eye

Cold Fear runs down my spine
I can't move my feet from the line
I hear his voices in my head
He's calling my name

"Don't fear me my girl,
Oh, I'm the master of wishes.
I make your dreams come true.
Let the devil deeds do!"

Oh, shadows of the dark side
Running after me
Shadows of the dark side
Running, running after me

I turn my back from the crossroad
The devil he's calling my name:
"Hey girl, I'm coming back, haha.
And then I gonna catch your soul!"

Shadows of the dark side
Running after me
He tries to catch my soul
But he doesn't get it, no, no

"Hey, don't you know, who I am, little girl?
Hahaha! My soul is so old.
You can get anything you want from me,
Power, beauty and money,
But for that I want your soul, baby!"

No! No! No!


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