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With Northern Twilight Resplendent, We Follow The Moonlit Path In Search Of Habitable Lands

This song is by Wolven Ancestry and appears on the album The Wrath Of Gaia (2006).

This battle you have lost
Your blood on my blade shall be smeared upon your face
A butcher of skin known for such pain... and suffering so pure
Warlords of death, the lords of this land
Taste our steel, dethroning your king with unlight
The stars shine above, illuminating the trail of death
This path that we walk, a memory of all that we've slain

Blessed by the Gods of war and death I inherit the instinct to conquer
To conquer...
Eyes of hatred open wide...
Commence the legions of Northern onslaught
Retreat in their eyes... end their lives
Cut their throats... Let them Bleed
Taste the unlight

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