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Neon Sky

This song is by Wolftron.

What does it take to find peace in the night and safely wake up new?
I'm waging war against myself and the moon in lieu of loving you
Lately this world is calm
I'll try my best to live through this night

I've spent my time running from state lines and life
I'm always out of place
If you were around the sun would melt in the sky
And paint through shades of gray

I don't wanna let you go
Lately I want to stay home
And try to find to love you
Try to break away from my pride

You're still my neon sky
Nothing can dim your light
I've spent so many years running only to find loneliness and twilight
Only you are my neon sky, neon sky

I've tried so hard to be brave
But things will never be the same
I still can't let you go
I still can't let you go

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