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The Prophet

This song is by Wolfstone and appears on the album The Chase (1992).

I saw a raven, plumage pale
I saw him drink the blood of the gael
Above Clach Mor the gulls will wail
Tonight the prophet gets paid

Uig's stone so high so wide
Odin's birds got it in it's sight
In Scaristavore they'll weep tonight

He who dances shall see him
And that lie will deceive him
For there are those that cannot see him Tonight the prophet gets paid

At Channory they scream advance
The Dove, the Crow they circle and dance
Tasg spirits hold them in a trance
Tonight the prophet gets paid

The Libran moon it waxed and waned
Darkness felt the sting of blackrain
A thousand dreams couldn't mask the pain
The night the prophet got paid

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