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Glass and the Can

This song is by Wolfstone and appears on the album The Chase (1992).

Here's tae yir ain kith and kin
Here's tae your sisters and brothers
Those wi' the bonnie blue e'en
And the hundreds and thousands of others
Of them that are happy and glad
And those who would never say never
Rarely downcast and sad
May you prosper for ever and ever

Here's tae the lads o' the fair
And their lassies that rove in the morning
Here's tae the gullible pair
Never listening nor heeding the warning
Here's tae the lads in the band
Here's tae the Castleyards Cooper
And tae the bonnie new bairn
May the wind and the rain never stop her

Here's tae the glass and the can
Here's tae the lassies that matter
Here's tae the rascal that ran
And the stuff that ye tak wi' your water
Here's tae the fool on the hill
And his pals that are down in the valley
That drink a half wi' their gill
Never thinking nor checking the tally

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