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Gangsta Bounce

This song is by Wolfpak.

Wolfpak killahs on the prowl, lemme here ya howl
(Wolf howling noises)
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Gangsta, gangsta bounce
Get off your ass and bounce
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Gangsta, gangsta bounce
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Get off your ass and...
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Gangsta, gangsta bounce
Get off your ass and bounce

Creepin' up on you fools alone
9 millimeter made of chrome
15 slugs right to yo dome
Wolfpak niggas howlin at the moon
From the womb to the tomb
I feel a change comin' on
Cause the full moon got a nigga transformin
To a psycho motherfucker like Norman

I thrive in the moonlight
Niggas die in the sunlight
And it's only at night

I feel the full moon risin'
Metamorphosizin into somethin' you despise and
Symbolizin, Thug niggas on the rise
Nigga realize, true lies do or die
Truly high
Smokin' bud and club with thugs
Disappear in the mist wit 'em all
Nigga what?
Killa instinct in sync in the blink of an eye
Nigga wonder why they had to die
Creepin' up from the dirty south nigga
What you talkin' bout nigga?
Better shut your mouth nigga
Just bounce

When they come around
I'm the nigga that'll gun 'em down
And any nigga wanna clown
I'm gonna let them all see me
Yo but please G
Nigga believe me
Yo, I'm a lyrical genie
Got some bitches on the side
Got the motherfuckers true with bikinis
And a Lamborghini
Niggas smokin' nothin' but the weed
Smoke another brothers trees easily
Getting ?? with the wind
Dematerialize, look up your?
'Cause ??? survive like the niggas in the sky
Ride till the ???, leave 'em off ????, and call it homicide
Lay low, shut him up with the K-O
Sayin', Hey Yo, then Yay Yo
Gotta put them on the payroll
'Cause a nigga will have to do what you say so
They know (They know)
I'm a fuckin' lyrical genius, with ????, I mean this
Nigga make a lot of ???, bitch jump on my penis
Other scenery, with the ??? man
Got machinery about the stupid g's
On the other block, niggas got glocks, with ten shots
To the door nigga don't stop
Nigga gon drop, just keep your door locked, and...

Nigga what chu gonna do now?
When a gangsta nigga come for you now?
Creepin' up, sneakin up from the south side
You can run motherfucker but you can't hide
I'll put a slug in your head
Nigga brain dead, layin' in bed, hangin' by a thread (for all that shit you said)
?? When you pull the plug fucking with a thug
Send your body up above
And your soul rise up like a dove
Niggas scream from the first sight of blood
Wolfpak, the clique that I stick with
Better watch your trick
Before I take that trick quick
Because we get serious
Late night trains are serious
When I'm sleepin' on the next seat (nigga lemme hear ya)
Yo, do the gangsta bounce

Nigga what?
Another thug nigga from the projects
Getting mo sex
Up in Rolex
Former ?golex?
No raw sex
This informant
Get his dome split
Gotta bone bitch
Stay home trick
I'm hungry
Creepin' slowly
Hoes know me, the one and only
Pull the steal bitch real quick
And they'll feel it
And niggas still here
Heal quick
Don't feel shit?
You will, shit
I'm the realist
A nigga feel this
Nigga feel me
Can ya heal me?
Niggas hatin'
I can't take it
A main nigga causing murder
I wanna die
Make sure green better fuck with your life
Coming to a bitter end 'cause it's here
Now say hello to my little friend
Once again a nigga laid cold
'Cause he ain't no?
Fucking with my pesos
'Cause they know (they know)
I'm a thug nigga to the fullest
Only kill us with silver bullets
Wolfpak creepin' up sub-terrain
Bring the pain to your brain
Nigga maintain

(Chorus: Repeat till end w/ variation)

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