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Vega's Dreaming

This song is by Wolfgun and appears on the album Starchild (2012).

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I've been feeling weird lately.
I wait for night, so I can stand outside and look at the stars.
I wanna breathe 'em in. I wanna know their secrets!

'Cause stars are a lot like people.
Just... not just in that way, but there are so many of them; so many we couldn't begin to understand.
But while they look like they're close together, heh, really, they are not.

And if I stop and think about that, then I'll start to wonder;
What if I'm just a star, who's dreaming that it's me?

Wait, are you serious?
No, man! I'm Vega!


Written by:

Cory Hale

Produced by:

Cory Hale

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