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Valkyrie (Cathedral in the Woods)

This song is by Wolfgun and appears on the single Valkyrie (2014).

On Ragnarok, just as a battle broke, there was a cry of might
And from the clouds descended raven's blood, upon the ones who fight for their lives
What quickly followed was the clash of arms, and a brilliant light
But as the day grew old, the warriors fell, so they moved and took their flight

Into the darkness rode the cavalry, from the stormy skies
But one had seen beyond the warring souls, as his death crossed over her eyes
The one she loved had fallen quickly down, amidst the battle's flight
She caught him but he never saw her face; the one who heard his wounded cry

Down from the sky, she rides on light, to guide him home
And with her heavy heart, she has to let him go

On Ragnarok, just as the dawn had broke, she gathered up his light
And to the clouds they journeyed side by side, away from weary death, and his scythe
What quickly followed was the sound of hope, and the trump of might
But as the world grew old, the wars had quelled, so she moved and took her flight

Written by:

Cory Hale

Produced by:

Cory Hale


This song is an alternate version of Valkyrie by Wolfgun.

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