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This song is by Wolfgun and appears on the album Projections (2013).

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Hello, and good day
I've seen you here before, when I had shared your pain
Felt it just the same

What is on your mind?
I look right through your eyes and see beyond our time
Past your human kind

Best be on my way
You say to me, but I know you don't mean your words
You wish that you could stay

Who are you and I?
You follow me inside my home and watch me die
Give it up inside

Hold your head up high
You look into my eyes and see beyond this life
Past our human strife

Best be on your way
I say to you, but I know you can't hear me say
I wish that you could stay

I wish that you could stay


Written by:

Cory Hale

Produced by:

Cory Hale

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