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New Mother Nature/Verwirrung

This song is by Wolfgang and appears on the album Semenelin (1996).

Open you life to a new mother nature
She'll come from the skies with a swollen crown of dreams
And beauty as bliss the lips of a virgin
And the willingness to bless

So open your days to a new mother nature
A new mother nature whose love will let reign
A shining symbol of a sheltered dominion
Outside cold iron bunkers will fall her nuclear rain

Now open your eyes to a new mother nature
Watch her mushroom tower
Rise from where she'll land
See everything before you
Vast sections being raped
In every inch in her aeropostles cultivate

And she's coming...

Days of madness are here
When all earth's left barren and clear
Where the few who live shall
Share a destiny in an eternal hollow's eve

And she's coming...

The mad cycle has begun
And who shall lead the chosen one's
As wondering pupils venture
On entering the verwirrung
The shattered union of lost souls
Walking across oblivion
Their destiny is set unknown
Entering the verwirrung...

A crimson banner painted dark
Was the sky and slowly all our colours
Faded as we kissed the clouds goodbye
Desolation came dragging her name
And she slowly walked our floors
She took away everything
Brandishing her crown of thorns...

With a stutter of our eyes down
We asked what happened
Then flood questions
Too many questions of what to do
Silence answers tongues tied
We refueled to be there
With our tongues down and your eyes out
We walk amongst ourselves
Now burn flew through his glittered fashion
And touched our barren land...

And in one swift motion
Placed on all the fire kept within hi hand
He looked up his flag which he had tinted in the sky
And gazing back down at us
He cast his dreaded smile
Falls does the darkness
There's no more light left
In a rotting sky...

I feel so useless and hopeless
But what can I do
And I sit here and stare at it a broken picute
The sky is silent and she's crying
But her tears rain down red...

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