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Sean Tracy

This song is by Wolfe Tones and appears on the album Rifles of the IRA (1969).

The moon it shone down on Dublin town
When the deadly fight was o'er
Thousands lay on the cold, cold ground
Their lives to claim no more
The moon it shone down in O'Connell Street
Where a dying young rebel lay
With his body gashed and his arms outstretched
And his life's blood flowing away

A passing comrade soon heard the moans
The sufferer soon was found
Softly, gently they raised his head
Up from the cold, cold ground
Softly, gently come raise, he cried
No longer on earth can I stay
I will never more roam to my own native home
Tipperary, so far away

A lock of my hair I pray you take
To my mother so dear to me
And tell her 'twas here by the Liffeyside
My moldering bones do lay
For it would grieve your heart
To see young men shot down,
Their bodies thrown into the sea
And a vision of light came before me tonight
Of Tipperary so far away

The soldiers of Ireland bore him on high
On their shoulders with solemn dread
And many a heart with tearful sigh
Wept over our patriot dead
In silence they lowered him into the grave
To rest to the reckoning day
Sean Tracy who died his home to save
In Tipperary so far away

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