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The Fable of Agnor

This song is by Wolfcry and appears on the album Nightbreed (2003).

An orphan child
When he was born one moonless night
Under the stars alone he cried
An orphan child, his mother died
As she was giving the gift of life

Fairies were gathered all around
And took the child from the ground
They raised him with their own hands
And every night singed to the stars:

"Lord of the forest bless this son
Give him a brave and proud heart
Listen our pray within our song
Protect his soul and make him strong"

The little child became a man
And learned to live with sword in hand
His name was Agnor the homeless one
The fairies still sing to the stars:

The wiseman
It was one cold and rainy day
When Agnor heard the wiseman say:
"A legend stands beyond the time
And waits for a brave knight
To take away the golden sword
And make him king of the world"

So one gloomy, winter day
The homeless one went away
To find the golden sword, and break the evil oath
And rule the kingdom of the world

All the way he had to fight
With the forces of the night
All the fears of (his) youth, and of (his) childhood
Gathered in his pathway

The Legend Of The Sword Is Standing High
Waiting for the call of a brave knight
Looking in the future and crying for the past
Eternal dreams for endless fights into the warrior's hands

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