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Screamin' Whispers

This song is by Wolfcry and appears on the album Nightbreed (2003).

The night is falling and the sunlight is gone
The moon appears behind the hills
A whisper seems like scream out in the dark
Afraid to face what's next to you

A shadow's walking a few steps beside
You feel your feet starting to shake
You're trying to walk away but there is no way out
The fear has captured your soul

There's no place to hide
Nowhere to run to
Is this your last breath?
This nightmare will never end

Agony reigns inside, you wait for the light
To save yourself from all this fear
And when the day's coming all seems so bright
...(But) beware! The night will come again

The light came again but your fear can't stop growing
It is haunting you...
And your hope for a better night to come
Have already gone
...Already gone

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