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On the Edge

This song is by Wolfcry and appears on the album Warfair (2005).

Darkness around, the killing ground
No one believes in me anymore
Sadness and pain, nothing remains
I lost my hopes and my dreams

Night comes forever, it's hell or it's heaven
Animal instinct inside my brain
Lost all believing, survival for living
Raging forever in endless hate

So, I will be back, I will attack
I won't return where the streets have no name... no more pain
Now, it is the time, it is the place
I'll be the fool and I will play your game

Time for revenge, life on the edge
War has begun, neverending
Release my soul, one and for all
Forevermore, your fate I'll provoke

So many years, left in the dark
I will begin again from the start
The flame burns, inside my head
The story ends, for me... no more

I won't surrender, it is now or never
I will prevail, I will not give up
I'll be the master, I will bring disaster
A cruel avenger, the angel of war

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