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This song is by Wolfcry and appears on the album Power Within (2001).

They ride from darkness and coming for you
You know there's nothing else that you can do
They have orders (to) "massacre" everyone
They won't stop until the slaughter is done

Blood-death-murder, they destroy everything
Nothing can stop this killing machine
Cries-lament-screams, people face their fate
No place for he to feel they're safe

Nightriders, riding with power in hands
Soon they will rule all the cities and lands
Nightriders, bringing death and pain
Soon you'll obey them and do what they say

No one can escape the riders of darkness
The fate is doomed forever
The human race will be their slaves
Destruction for now and ever

Life is hell forever more
Cries will be heard everywhere
People will try to escape them
But soon they will be found dead

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