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Honored Expedition

This song is by Wolfcry and appears on the album Warfair (2005).

Back in time, among the ages there stood a man
With a dream, a great vision, son of a king
Under the, honored banner, of the golden sun
Started his, expedition against the east

Proud and brave, blessed by gods, tameless they fought
Knowledge was given to all the foreign lands
Sarissas, and swords in hands, glorious they ride
Never lost a single battle, undefeated march

History was changed, it will never be the same
A vision fulfilled, a new legend was born
From the man who caught the "Gordian knot"
The one who was called the blond god

Only a few men were ever able to create
An empire and make a bright new page in the
Books of history
Back in the ancient times there was a man
Blessed by the gods, who was born to be an emperor
A man who brought the light and the wisdom
To the edge of the world
The king of all kings, the great Alexander

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