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Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands (2005)Edit

Wolfchant - Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands
Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands
  1. A Tale From The Old Fields
  2. Clan Of Cross
  3. I Am War
  4. Mourning Red
  5. Of Honour And Pride
  6. Ride To Ruhn
  7. The Betrayal
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Blood For Blood
  10. Clankiller
  11. Revenge
  12. Visions Of Death
  13. Praise To All

A Pagan Storm (2007)Edit

Wolfchant - A Pagan Storm
A Pagan Storm
  1. Growing Storms
  2. A Pagan Storm
  3. The Path
  4. Midnight Gathering
  5. A Wolfchant From The Mountain Side
  6. Guardians Of The Forest
  7. Winter Hymn
  8. Stärkend Trunk Aus Feindes Schädel
  9. Voran
  10. Feuerbringer (Loki's Zankrede)
  11. The Axe, The Sword, The Wind And A Wolf

Determined Damnation (2009)Edit

Wolfchant - Determined Damnation
Determined Damnation
  1. Determination Begins
  2. World In Ice
  3. Until The End
  4. Determined Damnation
  5. In War
  6. Fate Of The Fighting Man
  7. Kein Engel Hört Dich Flehen
  8. A Raven's Flight
  9. Never Too Drunk
  10. Schwerter Der Erde
  11. Auf Blut Gebaut
  12. Under The Wolves Banner

Call of the Black Winds (2011)Edit

Wolfchant - Call of the Black Winds
Call of the Black Winds
  1. Black Winds Rising (Prelude)
  2. Stormwolves
  3. Eremit
  4. Black Fire
  5. Naturgewalt
  6. Heathen Rise
  7. Never Will Fall
  8. Die Nacht Der Wölfe
  9. The Last Farewell
  10. Der Stahl In Meinem Feinde
  11. Call Of The Black Winds

Embraced by Fire (2013)Edit

Wolfchant - Embraced by Fire
Embraced by Fire
  1. Devouring Flames
  2. Embraced by Fire
  3. Element
  4. Turning into Red
  5. Einsame Wacht
  6. Authmns Breath
  7. Freier Geist
  8. Winters Triumph

Bloodwinter (2017)Edit

Wolfchant - Bloodwinter
  1. Nornensang
  2. Schicksalsmacht
  3. Wolfchant (A Wolf to Man)
  4. Das Bollwerk
  5. Bloodwinter
  6. Heritage of Fire
  7. Sehnsucht
  8. Prelude to Revenge
  9. Anthems of Revenge
  10. Am Schlachtfeld
  11. New Born Killer

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