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Empty Vessels

This song is by Wolf People and appears on the album Fain (2013).

Bleeding sky, a changing of the guard
Suddenly called to come in from the yard
Mistle thrushes are wheeling overhead
Hope the strike finds its way into the lead

The fire beetle in the bark
Carries aloft a spark
For the coming dark

I am silver and known to court the flash
Still I cower beneath the tallest ash
And if it were to split and fall
May the fire and the weight consume us all

And see the sum of my desire
Twisting in the fire
Or buried in the mire

I have been here for ten thousand years
Waiting for a storm to draw me out
In the hurricanes' minacious eye
I sit and wait

You are too old to hide
Under the table like a shivering dog
And yet I knew I'd find you here

And in a moment of light I'm revealed
As still as moss at the foot of the hill
Watching the fleet as it battles the storm
Ever set to call the vessels to the safety of the port
Always leaving them to toil a minute more

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