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This song is by Wolf People and appears on the album Fain (2013).

I am a thief of high renown
I've spent a life in hiding
And now the irons are locked around my hands and feet
As we make our way along the road

They sent the service after me
With all their dogs and rifles
Now all along the track they drag me back
To Newgate and my trial

And apprentice I was
When first burned in the hand
You thought me a beggar
Never a journeyman

A suit of black silk
A cornelian ring
I ride at the pleasure of the king

But who was I to you?
A beggar or the fool who wore a stolen sword
And scaled the prison walls to spare you servitude

Oyer and Terminer

Breaker of shackles
Filer of irons
A Sheppard to gaolers
A meal for the lions

The lords and the gentlemen
Bring silver to see
The apprentice who sets himself free

And where will you be when I slip my bonds again?
To discard those who called me friend
And live among the riches I have won

Oyer and Terminer

The crowds they rally round me
And liveried javelin men
The city marshal handing me a silver cup as if I were a noble man

I am a thief of high renown
I've spent my life escaping
My joyous street procession leads to Tyburn and the pole

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