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The Midget Pissed

This song is by Wolf Cookie.

The midget warned us
The midget is good
The midget came up to me and said that it's time to piss...
It's time piss

I saw you tonight
Inside a local bar
You stood there I did not know your name

You started walking up to me
I looked the other way
You confronted me

It's time piss...
It's time piss...

My interest quickly faded
You had your shot at the big time
The time went by too fast

You were not good enough
But that's what happens...
When you start to care

I have to piss...
I have to piss...

You'll cry a river before I come back to you
My life with you is better, but worse

I'll never let you ruin my world again
My ego bleeds black blood
And now it's time 'cause you make me piss...
You make me piss...

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