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Devil Moon

This song is by Wolf and appears on the album Evil Star (2004).

A crimson sky for a crimson mind
An evil spiral on the wind
Lurking in the shadows and the mist

The dust is full of ancient tears
That fell to the ground and disappeared
While the same old face seemed to sneer in silence

My precious gold has turned to rust
And my former victory to bitter loss
Forgotten by the black and by the white
In an unholy alliance

The only light that lights my way
Enlightens only my evil ways
My way is not the narrow one
But the one that leads to pain

Pain for you pleases me
Please forgive me for my deeds
Indeed it's hard for you to see
That you alone can set me free

Each dawn a piece of my heart dies
No peace of mind until night
My mind is ticking unclockwise
Each second closer to demise

To be free, a thought unreal
Unravel the riddle and break the seal
To unlock these chains for me
Could be a fatal deal

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