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This Past Presence

This song is by Wobbler and appears on the album Rites At Dawn (2011).

All this time
And still I have no answer
Hear them call
The night keeps drawing closer
In on me

Lying still
Watching while they're dancing
Secret smiles
See! - they are rejoicing
In the lights

Walking in an ancient woodland
Among the sky high trees
On playful paths
I'm searching inwards
Nothing's like it seems.

Brother rabbit's burrow
Secretly hidden
Beneath the dancing stream
In the hour of dawn
In a dance with fawns
Within the forest palm

All this and more
Stands here from before
I sense the past in this present

The wood and me are one
We're always moving on
Travelling through ages long
Eagerly we chant our songs
And when night goes black
We fall to rest
We cuddle up in feathered nests
And rise again by break of dawn.

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