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La Bealtaine

This song is by Wobbler and appears on the album Rites At Dawn (2011).

Come turn the wheel again
Come celebrate the seasonal change
Draw the circle horned creature

Fly like winds do, dance into the dawn

From mountains high, and wells below
The water flows,
The fire blows and down the valley goes

Fly like winds do, Fly like winds do

In this dance, around the flames,
In the dance of spring in this sacred place
Western ones of water's flow
Help to guard the ones here below
Come to us and heed our call,
By the power that made us all
By the power that blesses thee,
Come to us and blessed be.

Old graces, yours the answers I seek
Oh, sisters, tell me
Oh, witches, thrown into the stream
Oh, sisters, hear me
Shapeshifters, coloured fish in my dream
Oh, sisters, lead me
Turn the day and lights,
Whilst crossing through the tide

Down the witches' waterfall
Like ten centuries ago
Still the same, it floats by
Shifting its course 'round nine

Lost within the waterfall
Her charms are strong
Trapped within the waterfall
Her arms are long

Quiet runs the lazy stream
Lingering in thoughtful dreams
Still the same, I float by
In the blue water between

Lost behind the waterfall
Her charms are strong
Trapped behind the waterfall
Her arms are long

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