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In Orbit

This song is by Wobbler and appears on the album Rites At Dawn (2011).

The forest where we came
To life and where we
Praised the Sun and the Moon
Tomorrow brought us closer to all the hidden things
What we became

Out from the woods, with weapon in hand
- They flee 'cross the fields
Leading the tribe, into a new land
To build a home by the river.

To capture the rites, the cycle of birth
- To sow and to follow
To harvest the fruits, from the womb of the earth
And the seeds of the present
- Sky!

Gathering light, for the snake to unfold
Down a passage of stone
Into the core, to watch it explode
Let it shine like the bright star in the sky.

Wake them up now, the seeds in your eyes
In flora's name
We do revive you.

Come again with your
Petals in bloom - white
As the moon that shines on the fields.

We bid you to rise
And cleanse our minds
Strengthen our hearts

Daylight - silver and gold spun soaring
Threads of life - bright chariot
Descending on cities of stone
Sensing the serpent eight within us
As moonlight breaths the dawn

Listen to the words, that fly with the wind
- That fly with the wind
The teachings of the earth, that flows from within
Let it shine like the brightest in the sky.

Relieve us! Relieve them!
We have blinded ourselves and cannot see
Relieve them! relieve us!
Let it shine like the bright star of the sky.

Once, in the dark,
A hand outstretched towards a spark
Grasped a form, a shape
A circling square
Inside a sphere,
Around and round towards the signs
Flowing stream of life,
The floral web and the sea
Enter the core and dissolve
Closer to a meaning

What we used to be
Tells us something of where, where we belong
Deep down inside the greater beings hidden laws
The reference frame of all life
Euclidean space inside the observer

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