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Three Minutes to Midnight

This song is by Wo Fat and appears on the album Midnight Cometh (2016).

The luminous and the erudite, race to understand
Decipher the secret code, the human strand
In the hands of those who sit at Hustero's feet
Arouse the aura of Chronos who, quickens his beat

The followers of eschatos glorify all greed
The Fifth Assessment to denounce, and affirm the creed
Ice melts into the wine, to satisfy our feast
Earth is ours to purpose now, midnight to the Beast

The rising river and rising seas, mock your torpor and disbelief
The sun is set no more to rise, three minutes to midnight

The harder they come, the harder you fall
Say they just want a taste, then take it all
Say they don't want the body, just want the blood
Below the wounds edacious tongues, lap at the mud

They poison deep the aquifers, dig for fire in the quaking earth
Splitting shale till the needle finds, their mother's vein is open wide
Push the poison and promise pain, is all a dream, so much to gain
Close your eyes and wake to find, it's three minutes to midnight

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