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Enter the Riffian

This song is by Wo Fat and appears on the album Psychedelonaut (2009).

The land made desolate
Taken root oppression
Your minds are numbed
The past is long forgotten
Bards of emptiness
Singin' songs of nothing
They stolen your souls
Enthroned corruption

Enter the Riffian
Bringer of the freedom
From the land that time forgot
Slingin' riffs of iron
Forged in delta fries
Restore what's lost
Freeing your minds

Through the smoke and from out of time
With a stoned inside and riffs sublime
He's a stone free crossroader
He's here to bring it on home
He's a voodoo child
He's up for the downstroke

And the Riffian slays and the riffian slays


Written by:

Kent Stump, Tim Wilson, Michael Walter

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