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One Way Ticket To Hell

This song is by Wizzard and appears on the album Devilmusick (1998).

Enchanting voices, seducing images
Flashbacks of the past a dark misty sea
White wings flutter behind me, black wings ahead of me
Bridges over the chasm vanish in flames

My evil deeds towards the abyss they lead
Can't pass to heaven, well that never was my plea
To the down below he expects me to go
I've got a room booked for eternity

I've got a one-way ticket to Hell
Yeah, a one-way ticket to Hell
When I was lowered down to the station I heard the bells
I've got a one-way ticket to Hell
A one way ticket to Hell
No other options considered to the Devil my soul I wanted to sell

Twisted faces grin at me
Holier they wanted to be
But at the end the seal of fire stamps their fates
Sad bastards I don't pity you
I'm already in the pit of doom
And I know why this was set to be my fate

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