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Killing Blues

This song is by Wizards and appears on the album Beyond The Sight (1998).

(Music by Passos, Lyrics by Dalla)

By the open door, saw you walking off
As the morning broke I was alone
Not a single note, not a last good lie
Just another hope waving good-bye
Broken hearts playing lonely parts
What am I supposed to hang on to?
How could I pretend to be all right?
Closed eyes to so many fights
Never thought that it could get this far
Hurry home, just say what you want
And I'll know what I gotta do
Because I'd move the mountains
Never-ending love's a killing blues
If you ask for the fountain
Of eternal youth, I would give
And over is my part, my broken heart
I close my eyes, so many fights
Never thought it'd gotten this far

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