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Stolen Hammer

This song is by Wizard and appears on the album Thor (2009).

The dawn is breaking
Light comes bright
On the new day now awaking
Giants Thor will fight
He is looking everywhere
For his mighty crusher
The weapon is not there
Bringing anger to the rusher
Thrym has stolen Mjoellnir
He wants Freyja as a prize
For the weapon giants fear
Don't think this to be wise
See the eyes of redbeard
Filled with divine rage
Asking Freyja as she neared
To go into the giants cage
But Freyja just refuse
To be the hammers pawn
Loki knows what trick to use
Use brain instead of brawn

All giants died, the hammer's home
And Freyja is still here
One will someday challenge him alone
But that is not anybody near!

Thor and Loki now disguise
Themselves as Freyja and handmaid
The mighty has to hide his eyes
And both travel to their fate
Thrym gladly hail his bride
His pleasure was unseen
He does not see what Thor did hide
But had a notion of the mean
Some things were strange to him
And he was curious to know
Loki swiftly starts the answering
So the giant didn't see his foe
A ritual shall seal the bond
The hammer falls into the fold
Rage breaks through and goes beyond
Everything since days of old

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