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Purp And Yellow

This song is by Wiz Khalifa.

[Snoop Dogg]
L.A. Leakers (GEEEEE, MIX!!!)

Yeah uh-huh, you know what it is
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow
Yeah uh-huh, you know what it is
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah uh-huh, you know what it is
E'rything I do, I do it big
Yeah uh-huh, screamin that's nothin
When I pulled off the lot, that's stuntin
Get rep in my town, when you see me me you know e'rything
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow
I put it down from my whip to my diamonds, I'm in
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow, purp and yellow

[Snoop Dogg]
Swish! Twenty-fo', that's Black Mamba
Snoop Dogg, he's a dope rhymer
Collaborate, with the Golden State
In a yellow six-deuce with the purple plates
I dip and dodge, I hit three and roll
Fish and chips, bounce pass down to Pau Gasol
We don't give a damn, about the big three
L.A. Lake' sho' we 'bout to three-peat
AAd you can bet, that's on the set
Ron Artest about to get wet
I'm on the flo', and that's a fact
Sittin next to Uncle Jack, blazin up the purple sack


Yeah... Louis Vuitton don, uhh
Purple twenty-fo's yellow Lambo' I'm ridin
Top blew the guts, doors goin suicidin
Stuff in the wood nigga know we gon' kill that
Blow it in the air boy bet he gon' feel that
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow
Watch me ball like you sittin with Phil at
Ten car caravan, Astons Martins and all them hood whips

Them Cutlasses, them Cadillacs
That leather be grippin them wood tips
I was born up in the wood, claim Compton, bet you ain't know that
Pops taught me how to get low when the flow clap
Went from a boy to a king, any block I five-five-fo' that
Nigga better know that, boy they ain't playin
Sawed off shotty - what they sayin?
Nothin to a boss, I put two hoes in that LeComp
I come through fuckin niggaz off, hop in that truck and then get lost
Boy you playin with a King, not Gretzky, hit it if you let me
Keep yo' girl wetter than Game on a jet-ski
Ooh cool cool - say he smoother than a baby's ass
Pops was a dope boy we still spendin eighties cash
Look on that Mercedes dash, boy you know what it is
Blowin on a scarecrow, on my way to see the Wiz!


Ridin down Rosecrans, Compton, California
Turn on the wrong street they might bang on ya
Home of the Lakers baby, yea you know it's purp and yellow
Take a hit of what I got, I bet it have you seein doubles
But I'm an angel though and yo' girl's a pigeon
Its money over e'rything, girl you know the vision
Never been a mark, if ya with it we can catch a fade
Brought out 50 blew up the city, young Saddam Hussein
Pusha Ink the label baby, everything else fuckin borin
I'm at Roscoe's, eatin with some chicks who foreign
I took your girlfriend from you boy, youse a mark
My white Beamer do the Wiz Khalifa, push to start

Hahahahaha, the L.A. Leakers, believe that
Y'all already know what it is man
If you don't you should by now


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