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One Chapter Of A Fairytale

This song is by Wiz and appears on the album Shattered Mind Therapy (2004).

(M & L: J. Weicht)

Day by day as the years goes by
Same shit different day, every time
In middle of nowhere, in middle of all
In middle of nothingness I stand tall

Lonely can be strong

I hear a woman's voice echo in my mind
Daydreams, nightmares and visions of you
Blinding moment hurts my eyes
Stumbling in darkness as time goes by

Lonely can be strong

Time to try your wings
Spread them in the wind
And ride on the winds of change
How many days?
How many dreams?
One chapter of a fairytale

Shades of night fall upon the ground
Shining star, shadows start to rise
Dreaming, thinking for to long
Crossroads to nowhere will lead me home

Lonely can be strong

Now the time has come
To say goodbye

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