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Remember Workfare

This song is by Wives.

(Conservatives clapping wildly)
"Thank you, well I am a little man
But I have got big plans for you and you and us
We've got shelter, we've got jobs,
We've got cutbacks up the ass so lets cross our fingers
And hold our breaths that our proposition gets passed"

Where's the outrage
Where the point where our privileges are put on hold
Where the broken dream of some rich suits stock
Going up end the rise is a fucking failure? (our proposition)

So tell us where we're gonna go
Not to the house of some CEO
Or to the yacht that's some officials home

Where the fuck are we supposed to go
We're gonna storm the streets with hungry kids
Single moms with their welfare stubs
Burn the ballots this time
And we can't get lower because you've robbed us blind

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