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Freddy Lightyear

This song is by Witness To A Change.

There is this boy who makes fun of my band (punk sucks)
He likes my girlfriend wants to hold her hand (oh really, I thought he was gay)
He thinks he rules all across the land
He's an original asshole

He listens to Metallica and ain't that enough
He thinks his Jackson guitar is crucial stuff
He's wearing the trendy VaNs with the seashell neck

I don't think he knows what a palm mute is
His idea of talent is glamour and glit
I wish he'd just fly away

'Cause Freddy Lightyear- Yeah he's so cool
'Cause Freddy Lightyear- He plays me for a fool

Last year he talked to me about KoRn everyday
Limp Bizkit and Metallica those bands I hate (they suck)
I wish he'd just fly away
I wish he'd just fly away

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