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Oh Doctor

This song is by Witness The Forecast.

Oh, doctor!

A storm front made its way from her grave.
We were just too late. Now we're to blame.
Doctor, this heart rate's diving blood pressure's rising off the charts again
It's time to open up this chest, close your eyes lets pray for angels tonight
"Don't forget me please don't regret me tonight"

This is the scene where we're both left screaming and they all move on with the rest of their lives. Trust me I know you had no choice but to leave it all behind. I feel you by my side.

Don't be afraid just look past what's at stake.
A lover and liar, we all fall down to get up off the ground.
We can't escape.

You say we'd try to make it out alive
But your lying I feel it that look its screaming through your eyes.
We promised to keep her in our prayers
She kept the secret locked in her nightmares
Don't say it you don't mean it
How could I trust a word you say?

We embraced this oath and you weren't the only one.
We took the fall before the world.

Life will never be the same
I'm just not ready for the change

She's screaming in my dreams I can't bare to shut these eyes.

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