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Ocean Waves & Those Betrayed

This song is by Witness The Forecast.

We suit an ocean so let the storms and stories grow. You know it's getting old; are we just that bored? The waves beat us in the cliffs over and again. Learn your lesson.

I got to thinking am I the tide or just the kind of overcast that will not last? Or picture this I'm the ship with a broken back you bury deep below. I won't live to see this seafloor of yours.

O You're the worst, kind of tidal wave one to bury and betray
I'm not the first foe that you have claimed don't you make that same mistake.

Mayday send out a mayday call.
You asked for mass destruction.
Romance masked with distraction
You asked for you asked for
A great romance

O Hurricane Oh hurricane your eye is revealing
Am I the tide or the kind of mistake you create
O Hurricane Oh my hurricane your eyes have deceived me
Now redirect and find what's left of this sunken ship.

You'll show no mercy, grant me death all in one breathe.
Don't be taken back when you spend the nights by yourself
This current is tearing me farther from the coast.
I am your broken vessel you formerly called home.

Still I sail these treacherous waters knowing the current is pulling me farther and further from the coast.

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