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Teenage Homecoming

This song is by Without Regret.

How can I turn my back,
On something that means so much to me?
I know history repeats itself,
I'm getting sick of not winning.
These teenage years,
The hardest part of my life,
Am I just alone?
Or am I just unhappy?
Your just in time to watch the replay of the lies
You said them to me,
Ill feel so much better after I wash the dirt from my eyes.
Remember the time you fought it back,
Never looked away,

**Ill remember everyday like it was my last**

Advertising my life,
Through a thought of you,
Recalling all the promises that you made
And never keep with me,
Impact on the industry is something that I'll never get to see,
When all I have left,
Is a memory to prove that I was there...
Now that I've turned my back,
On the one thing that meant so much to me,
History Repeats itself and again,
And were still not winning,
I'll remember everyday like it was my last,
I'll remember every day like it was my last,
I'll remember each day like it was my last
**The last day of my life**.

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