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Every Wrist Bound

This song is by Within Walls and appears on the album Within Walls (2006).

How could I've been so blind? What clouded my sight and made me think all of us are free? I'm not sure but what I know now after the smoke has fucking cleared makes me wish to close my eyes again.

Freedom is nothing more than just a word I don't get the meaning of it. Freedom is nothing more than a lie. I refuse to believe it.

Trapped in offices enslaved in factories from 9 to 5 how can we still smile? We cheapen our lives how can we still fucking smile? All I want is to leave everything behind and fulfill the dream of better ways, a better life. Although it seems too far gone I won't turn my back and run away like so many did before.

Living on my own and care a fuck means shit to me so I'll stay with you and we'll keep on kicking so I'll stay with you and we'll keep on screaming. I hope you'll stay with me 'cause twosome dreaming is a huge step in the quest of meaning

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