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7 Words

This song is by Within Walls and appears on the album Within Walls (2006).

Can this be real? I'd prefer to say no but the images I face force me to believe that what I see is quiet a distance away from being a comfortable night dream.

I kill my apathy no I won't look away as the innocent are slaughtered and the defenceless are raped.

I can't change it anyway rules the common way to think. A poor excuse you're just too scared of leaving what you should let go to be fucking free. We're getting more and more of what we don't need. We define ourselves through what we have and deny what we could be.

I join the chorus of the songs which blame this to be our fastest way to global catastrophe.

We can't sell or buy, the meaning of our lives. We lead ourselves astray. Fuck what means wealth these days.

7 words I scream, without any fucking peace of doubt. Greed and peace shut each other out

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