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New Holy War

This song is by Within The Ruins and appears on the album Elite (2013).

We are wretched beings born into sin
The only moments of purity begin
Seconds away from the womb
Wretched beings brainwashed from birth
Not ever given a chance to splurge
Not fortunate enough to think free
We are our own worst enemy

Knowledge can be used as a key
Knowledge can be used as a weapon
Faith can lead you to find your peace
Faith can lead you to the deceased
Man gave man reasons to die
Man created reasons to fight
Man created the man in the sky
Man created the question why

We will end our world
And milk it for all it's worth
We are our worst enemy

Your book of revelations will come true
It will be nothing of what you once knew
Of what you once knew
Your fellow man will turn on you
Say goodbye to the world you once knew
Now prepare for the New Holy War

Weaponize and keep your god in mind
As you prepare to slay your fellow man
It is all glorified in his name
This is disorder, this is true horror
This is a mass genocide
A race to heavens gates with no promises of getting inside
Weaponize keep your god in mind
It all will end with this

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