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This song is by Within The Ruins and appears on the EP Empires (2008).

Tonight early dusk will bring you fear that I'll be gone
Like a shadow with the dark
Fleeting like the northern winds
Catch me as I pass you by
Will you follow me as the wind blows through the open window and crosses your face will a cool breeze
I'm all around you
I am everywhere
How does it feel to have the tables turned
What compels you
Is it courage or fear that drives you
I hope you're finally happy that I've gone away
We'll be swept away
When I open the floodgates
We will be swept away
Open the window and let in the night air
Release me
Into a world not so cold
Not so cold
Do you know what it's like to breath through someone else's lungs
Follow the trade winds
But they won't bring you sleep
To find the place where I lay my head
The prevailing winds will bring us down

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