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Take This Away

This song is by Within A Dream.

I miss the good times and memories we shared
What was only a short time changed me forever
Maybe things change 'cause I hate inside
The sight of your face brings me this pain
Those we care about will hurt us the most
Those we love will tear us apart
Just another day in a long line of dissapointments
Just another pit of depression to escape
As I push I feel weighted down
These thoughts of you crushing me
Take this away from me no more hopes and dreams
Dead is reality sleep will set me free
For you it might have meant nothing
But for me it was so much more
To you I never had anything
For me you were my world.
You tought me how to fly
Now watch me fall
These angel wings killed me
And you stood and watched
Watch me fall
Watch me die
How far I have fallen

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