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So Long

This song is by Within A Dream.

So many so many sad nights I feel life is not worth living.
Then I see I see you stuggle on but kept moving.
So much lost so little left torn from you again and again
Everything you cared about now causes pain.
This life so unclear
This pain alone we bear
Everything that you have
Can be stolen from your grasp
Hear me scream these words
Expressions of a dead heart
How can we face the world knowing that the love is gone, I feel so empty
How can face the mirror knowing that were all alone constantly asking why
The sunsets, the warm embrace
The memories of yesterday
Forever is so long to be long
And now we see just what love means
Not always a happy ending to the story
And through it all the tears fade away
But never never will we be the same
So long to yesterdays, so long to memories

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