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Last Goodbye

This song is by Within A Dream.

I tried my best for you
The love I felt I couldn't prove
Kill me
Hate me
Love me
Feel me
Watch me die before you eyes
Look into this face you've come to despise
Our bonds have gone cold
Feel my pain through this action
Every night I dream a million deaths
Now I realize this is the worste yet
Put a gun to my head for the 4th time today
Looking for an answer to take the pain away
Life is such a cruel thing.
Consumed by the sadness within
Never can trust anyone again
Sleep felt so sweet
Wrong felt so right
The warmth of the fire
The end of sight
Don't wanna face it anymore
So I'm giving in on a losing war
I felt this way for so long
I wanna love but I don't wanna be alone

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