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I Have Dreams

This song is by Within A Dream.

I won't follow
I'll be myself
I'll make my own path
I have dreams
Look around so damn complicant
Never trying to escape
Swallowing everything, Never questioning
How can you stand living this way?
Always put me down for taking my path
I'm taking chances you never had
You moved on and now you focing me
Never, I won't go quietly
Live your lies, waste your time
I'd rather die, than live like that
Tell me again didn't you dream?
I refuse to live your reality
I won't be a slave till I die
I have hopes, you have lies
In that way of life take all you can
But I know money wont make me a man
I refuse to work 9 to 5
So someone else can profit off my life
As long as we well ourselves we will never be happy
What happened to the dreams of so long ago?
The same words that brought us hope.

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