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The Northern Sanctuary

This song is by Witherscape and appears on the album The Northern Sanctuary (2016).

The centuries pass and the red moon rises
Lightening the path for eternal life
Tonight a hole shall tear the sky
Blood will fall as she meets her master

Casting the spell to transpire
Proving his faith was a lie
Forcing seduction through dying
Heaven will burn in the sky

Follow the heat of the pyre
Exhuming the demon tonight
Senses awake and he cries through the pain
Astrid has taken his soul

No longer in control
Shredding the minds' decay
Mother, the whore of sin
Howling away

Wise is the man who was led astray
Healing of strangers, to fall and to fail... Again
Living his dream so long, then taken away
Madness will falter between all the same

The wound in his heart now bleeds for God
Whispers in twilight for he is dying alone
Watching his dream decline, afterlife unknown
Slip into darkness and eternal pain

Search deep within for the love to regain
The cleansing heart for the pure
She'll never take claim
She dances with his soul
As their waltz is whirled away
He well shed the veil again
As the devil shows the way

Many years prepared to rule this day
For the time is now
High above in the starry sky opens
The failure of mankind

Ground painted with blood of the slain
The deep red afterglow
Desolation upon the floor
Will never wash away

There's nowhere left to run
The crippled pray to the end of time
Desecration of every soul
Cowardly on the downward climb

Left behind in a barren land
So many left in despair
Seeking truth through the acolyte this night
In the vile stench of the queen

In the wake of blood shed
Rights of man die
Demonic plagues unleashed from hell this night
Crimes of sick pay
Mounds of dead lie
Those who deny will be the frist to die
Heed the rapture
Trust your faith tonight
She's been revealed for eternal plight
The sky is open
The ritual complete
The angels tortured for the final time
Lighting strikes
The burning cast down

The separation of a shattered soul
Will burn their hopes away
The corpse of yearning is a rotting slime
Come smell the flesh decay

The sky has come alive
Black is the heart in throe
The eyes of the deadly crow
The new king is crowned

Unleash the maker of the tortured souls
Gather on the wake
The desecration of a faceless life
His fire will ignite

The sky has come alive
Black is the heart in throe
The eyes of the deadly crow
The new king is crowned

Wise is the man who was led astray
The mourning is weighing him down
As the world crumbles away
He's drifting apart from the light
As she carries his soul away
Madness will falter between all the same

Write the words of blasphemy
Lives of a rotting past
Sacrifice for divinity
Kneel before the war

Leave the sanctity of reality
Man will drown
Bathe in the blood pool of the ascending one

Gaze of her master's peer
Those who smite his daughters deity
Witness the welcoming
Open arms of the father

Oh, with wings she's ascending
Oh, the angel of hell's decayed


Music by:

Dan Swanö, Ragnar Widerberg, Tino Kallioniemi, Uwe Osterlehner

Lyrics by:

Paul Kuhr

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