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This song is by Wither and appears on the album Breakthrough (2003).

The silken mud of this life covers me,
Surrounding consciousness with lucidity
But I have forgotten how to feel this
Fallen far away from what I found
Spinning in the darkness I have made of chances given to me, to me, to me, to me, to me.

There is a hope
There is desire
There is a Knowledge
But it is cold

It's lying on the surface and deep within
But I must bring it round and center
Bring it round again

Where I
Can see
And it can... breathe

All smoke and mirrors here
Submerged in my perceptions
Worlds without end
Yet these things seem temporary
Doomed to fall away with the thought that made them real

The mud begins to dry
Beneath the unknown sun
The surface cracked and peeled
Spreading out it could be...
It could be poetry
I pull up at the cracks
Pick up the pieces one by one
While on my hands and knees
As I did as a child
So delicate, each one by one
They crumble in my hands

And now it's coming clear
That you were always here
What I was longing for
What I was meant to be
I wanted to come home
Wanted to know you so badly

But it's not like you ever really left me
No it's not like you ever really would

I offered myself up
When I saw that there was nothing below me at all
Familiarity, comes flooding back to me

Of all the times I've revisited this
Of all the times I cried...

Reach, reach me!
Touch, touch me!
Heal, heal me!
Open, open me!

So what is in you will shine through me
And what is in me will shine through thee...

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