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You'r(E) History

This song is by With My Last Breath.

Guess what? I heard
Just what you did
Don't think, at all
That you will be missed
Because you're not the first who has broken my heart
And this won't be the last time that I'll have to start
Over again and begin a new chapter in my love life, goodbye you

You think, that I
Should be more nice
But how, can you say
When you treated me this way
It just wasn't that you expressed
With words you only did it with sex
Come on dear, tell me how many there were
You know what? Forget it, you're not worth

What did I ever see in you?
How did I get manipulated by you?
History repeats itself you are my prime example
Everything happens for a reason, so how should I thank you?

Now I, will sleep
Knowing the truth is out
I hope, that you know
I never expected this so
This is just what I get for putting too much
Trust in your life, I was blinded by lust
To ever think that you could feel this way
Yeah I guess you proved it, now what can you say?

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