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Rescue Me

This song is by With My Last Breath.

As I lay with these closed eyes
I yearn only to see you
For your brilliance to pierce this night
And ensure myself that it's through
You come to me, an angel with open arms
I reach, let go, but how I fall into harm

Rescue me
And never let me go
Holding on
To the promise of your love

My lifeless body is torn
Between the directions to take
Should I fight? Should I go on?
Or was this the last breath I'll take?
You are everything, but is that enough to pull me?
Out of harm, growing cold, one last chance before I'm gone

One last chance before it's over
No more regrets to push under
If I am unable to see
Your face, my heart will be a misery
I love you more than life itself
I love you more than life itself

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