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Show Me The Stars

This song is by With Love, Yours Truly.

This ones different, I see it
It's true, I can see it in your eyes
They are the color of an angry sea
But you tame that angry sea...

He knows what he wants
He's the reality to my insanity
He's the shoes holding my feet to the floor
I don't know where I'm going, except up and out

Are you keeping me here with you?
I won't let you go inside
I'm used to being on the outside,
On the outside looking out
Once you're in, I'm afraid you're not coming back

I made you promise never to die
You asked the same thing in return
If you ever change your mind
Or if you ever change your heart,
This will become one promise I can't keep

You are the wind in my sail, I won't let you give up
And I won't let you stop loving me
I can't bring you much, but I can promise...
I can promise the sand leftover in mypockets

And I can promise, my mind won't change
And I can promise, I might be insane

If you chose not to love me, I can't promise
I can't promise never to die

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