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The Neverending Road

This song is by With Fire and appears on the album The Neverending Road - Demo (2004).

Another mile on this long way home
Well, content rests in our hearts
Eyes misleaded by darkness
Thoughtless bliss so far away

Watching raindrops beating against the windshield
Driving on course, a course where you've left me all alone, so many lost track
Like sacred promises from the past guardrails guide my way
And decisions that I've made now equip my fate

I try to cope with past miles but there will be a thousand more to come
EVERY MILE CHALLENGES US, but every mile there's a new hope, too.

Now an hour has gone and rain turns to light
Saving the sight I hold my breath HOLD MY BREATH
Each new struggle keeps me alive and makes me stronger
And at least I know for myself THIS ROAD WILL NEVER END

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